39. 【Super Simple Songs DVD】合集 会员群一览表

目录:/39. 【Super Simple Songs DVD】 [2.8G]
┣━━Super Simple Songs DVD 1-15Vedios [225.7M]
┃ ┣━━01.Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.mp4 [11.8M]
┃ ┣━━01.Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.srt [1.2K]
┃ ┣━━02.BINGO.mp4 [7.7M]
┃ ┣━━02.BINGO.srt [3K]
┃ ┣━━03.Row Row Row Your Boat.mp4 [41.9M]
┃ ┣━━03.Row Row Row Your Boat.srt [1.8K]
┃ ┣━━04.Rain Rain Go Away!.mp4 [5.7M]
┃ ┣━━04.Rain Rain Go Away!.srt [1.3K]
┃ ┣━━05.Skidamarink(Animated Version).mp4 [21.3M]
┃ ┣━━05.Skidamarink.mp4 [10.6M]
┃ ┣━━05.Skidamarink.srt [1.7K]
┃ ┣━━06.Ten In The Bed.mp4 [24.3M]
┃ ┣━━06.Ten In The Bed.srt [2.5K]
┃ ┣━━07.The Eensey Weensey Spider.mp4 [6.6M]
┃ ┣━━08.Open Shut Them.mp4 [21.3M]
┃ ┣━━08.Open Shut Them.srt [2.7K]
┃ ┣━━09.Seven Steps.mp4 [5.1M]
┃ ┣━━10.The Alphabet Song.mp4 [4M]
┃ ┣━━11.The Alphabet Chant.mp4 [17.3M]
┃ ┣━━12.Days of the Week-Read It!.mp4 [2.4M]
┃ ┣━━12.Days of the Week-Read It!.srt [378B]
┃ ┣━━12.Days of the Week-Sing It!.mp4 [2.7M]
┃ ┣━━13.The Months Chant.mp4 [20.6M]
┃ ┣━━14.Uh-Huh!.mp4 [4.1M]
┃ ┣━━15.Five Little Monkeys.mp4 [18.2M]
┃ ┣━━15.Five Little Monkeys.srt [1.4K]
┃ ┣━━Super Simple Songs 1-15Vedios Pic 1.jpg [44.8K]
┃ ┗━━Super Simple Songs 1-15Vedios Pic 2.jpg [33.1K]
┣━━Super Simple Songs DVD 2-15vedios [413.9M]
┃ ┣━━01.Old McDonald Had A Farm.mp4 [16.8M]
┃ ┣━━01.Old McDonald Had A Farm高清.mp4 [43M]
┃ ┣━━01.Old McDonald Had A Farm高清.srt [4.6K]
┃ ┣━━02.The Wheels on the Bus.mp4 [51.4M]
┃ ┣━━02.The Wheels on the Bus.srt [1.9K]
┃ ┣━━03.If You’re Happy.mp4 [17.5M]
┃ ┣━━03.If You’re Happy.srt [2.1K]
┃ ┣━━04.Put On Your Shoes.mp4 [33.3M]
┃ ┣━━04.Put On Your Shoes.srt [1.5K]
┃ ┣━━05.Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (Learn It).mp4 [9.4M]
┃ ┣━━05.Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (Learn It).srt [986B]
┃ ┣━━06.Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (Sing It).mp4 [8.7M]
┃ ┣━━06.Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (Sing It).srt [711B]
┃ ┣━━07.One Little Finger.mp4 [20.6M]
┃ ┣━━07.One Little Finger.srt [2.5K]
┃ ┣━━08.I See Something Blue.mp4 [35M]
┃ ┣━━08.I See Something Blue.srt [1.6K]
┃ ┣━━09.Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream.mp4 [23.3M]
┃ ┣━━09.Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream.srt [1.7K]
┃ ┣━━10.Count and Move.mp4 [16.8M]
┃ ┣━━10.Count and Move.srt [1K]
┃ ┣━━11.Counting Bananas.mp4 [17M]
┃ ┣━━11.Counting Bananas.srt [1.2K]
┃ ┣━━12.One Potato, Two Potatoes.mp4 [17.7M]
┃ ┣━━12.One Potato, Two Potatoes.srt [993B]
┃ ┣━━13.I See Something Pink.mp4 [39.2M]
┃ ┣━━13.I See Something Pink.srt [1.9K]
┃ ┣━━14.How’s the Weather.mp4 [21.9M]
┃ ┣━━14.How’s the Weather.srt [1.4K]
┃ ┣━━15.Sweet Dreams.mp4 [27.5M]
┃ ┣━━15.Sweet Dreams.srt [355B]
┃ ┣━━Count Down From 20.mp4 [14.5M]
┃ ┣━━Count Down From 20.srt [1K]
┃ ┣━━Super Simple Songs 2-15vedios Pic 1.jpg [49.6K]
┃ ┗━━Super Simple Songs 2-15vedios Pic 2.jpg [145.4K]
┣━━Super Simple Songs DVD Animals-12 vedios [377.8M]
┃ ┣━━01.Good Morning, Mr. Rooster.srt [549B]
┃ ┣━━01.Good Morning, Mr. Rooster.mp4 [7.7M]
┃ ┣━━02.Let’s Go To The Zoo.mp4 [52.3M]
┃ ┣━━02.Let’s Go To The Zoo.srt [1.9K]
┃ ┣━━03.Walking In The Jungle.mp4 [42.4M]
┃ ┣━━03.Walking In The Jungle.srt [2.8K]
┃ ┣━━04.Hickory Dickory Dock.mp4 [18.1M]
┃ ┣━━04.Hickory Dickory Dock.srt [2.2K]
┃ ┣━━05.My Teddy Bear.mp4 [16.4M]
┃ ┣━━06.I Have A Pet.mp4 [39.7M]
┃ ┣━━06.I Have A Pet.srt [1.9K]
┃ ┣━━07.Yes, I Can!.mp4 [32.5M]
┃ ┣━━08.Mary Had A Kangaroo.mp4 [39.2M]
┃ ┣━━08.Mary Had A Kangaroo.srt [1.8K]
┃ ┣━━09.The Animals On The Farm.mp4 [30.9M]
┃ ┣━━09.The Animals On The Farm.srt [2.1K]
┃ ┣━━10.What Do You Hear.mp4 [27.4M]
┃ ┣━━11.Wag Your Tail.mp4 [18.6M]
┃ ┣━━12.After A While, Crocodile.mp4 [10M]
┃ ┣━━Super Simple Songs Animals intro.mp4 [42.3M]
┃ ┣━━Super Simple Songs Animals-12 vedios pic 1.jpg [50.8K]
┃ ┗━━Super Simple Songs Animals-12 vedios pic 2.jpg [169.1K]
┣━━Super Simple Songs DVD Animals-音频mp3 [40.5M]
┃ ┣━━01.Good Morning, Mr. Rooster.mp3 [1.5M]
┃ ┣━━02.Let’s Go To The Zoo.mp3 [3.7M]
┃ ┣━━03.Walking In The Jungle.mp3 [5.5M]
┃ ┣━━04.Hickory Dickory Dock.mp3 [4.9M]
┃ ┣━━05.My Teddy Bear.mp3 [2.8M]
┃ ┣━━06.I Have A Pet.mp3 [2.2M]
┃ ┣━━07.Yes, I Can!.mp3 [5.8M]
┃ ┣━━08.Mary Had A Kangaroo.mp3 [2.7M]
┃ ┣━━09.The Animals On The Farm.mp3 [5.4M]
┃ ┣━━10.What Do You Hear.mp3 [2.9M]
┃ ┣━━11.Wag Your Tail.mp3 [2.1M]
┃ ┗━━12.After A While, Crocodile.mp3 [1.2M]
┣━━Super Simple Songs DVD Christmas-13 vedios [584.1M]
┃ ┣━━what-do-you-want-for-christmas [5.3M]
┃ ┃ ┣━━Santa’s On His Way.doc [29.5K]
┃ ┃ ┣━━santas-on-his-way-worksheet-class-survey.pdf [322.6K]
┃ ┃ ┣━━santas-on-his-way-worksheet-color-by-number.pdf [313.6K]
┃ ┃ ┣━━santas-on-his-way-worksheet-draw-presents.pdf [289.2K]
┃ ┃ ┣━━santas-on-his-way-worksheet-fill-in-the-blanks.pdf [338K]
┃ ┃ ┣━━santas-on-his-way-worksheet-find-the-differences.pdf [360.8K]
┃ ┃ ┣━━santas-on-his-way-worksheet-follow-the-lines.pdf [843.8K]
┃ ┃ ┣━━santas-on-his-way-worksheet-letter-to-santa.pdf [480.3K]
┃ ┃ ┣━━santas-on-his-way-worksheet-lowercase-letter-matching.pdf [535.6K]
┃ ┃ ┣━━santas-on-his-way-worksheet-toy-store.pdf [308.5K]
┃ ┃ ┣━━santas-on-his-way-worksheet-uppercase-letter-matching.pdf [570.7K]
┃ ┃ ┣━━santas-on-his-way-worksheet-vocabulary-coloring.pdf [305.2K]
┃ ┃ ┣━━santas-on-his-way-worksheet-write-bw.pdf [335.4K]
┃ ┃ ┗━━what-do-you-want-for-christmas-flashcards.pdf [431.8K]
┃ ┣━━01.Hello, Reindeer.mp4 [24M]
┃ ┣━━01.Hello, Reindeer.srt [707B]
┃ ┣━━02.Jingle Bells.mp4 [48.7M]
┃ ┣━━02.Jingle Bells.srt [2K]
┃ ┣━━03.Decorate The Christmas Tree.srt [1.6K]
┃ ┣━━03.Decorate The Christmas Tree.mp4 [52.5M]
┃ ┣━━04. Santa‘s on his Way.mp4 [10.8M]
┃ ┣━━05.I’m A Little Snowman.mp4 [16.5M]
┃ ┣━━05.I’m A Little Snowman.srt [1.3K]
┃ ┣━━06.Jingle Jingle Little Bell.mp4 [15.5M]
┃ ┣━━07.We Wish You A Merry Christmas.mp4 [25.3M]
┃ ┣━━07.We Wish You A Merry Christmas.srt [1.9K]
┃ ┣━━08.S-A-N-T-A.mp4 [8.3M]
┃ ┣━━09.10 Little Elves.mp4 [20.4M]
┃ ┣━━10.Santa, Where Are You.mp4 [5.6M]
┃ ┣━━11.Little Snowflake.mp4 [27.1M]
┃ ┣━━11.Little Snowflake.srt [1.4K]
┃ ┣━━12.Goodbye, Snowman.mp4 [10.9M]
┃ ┣━━13.What Do You Want For Christmas.mp4 [67.9M]
┃ ┣━━Christmas Full DVD 20分钟合辑.mp4 [244.9M]
┃ ┣━━Super Simple Songs Christmas-13 vedios Pig 1.jpg [53K]
┃ ┗━━Super Simple Songs Christmas-13 vedios Pig 2.jpg [163.4K]
┣━━Super Simple Songs DVD Halloween-13 vedios [588.4M]
┃ ┣━━01.Hello, My Friends.mp4 [5.5M]
┃ ┣━━02.Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat.mp4 [58.7M]
┃ ┣━━02.Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat.srt [4.2K]
┃ ┣━━03.This Is The Way We Carve A Pumpkin.mp4 [16.9M]
┃ ┣━━03.This Is The Way We Carve A Pumpkin.srt [1.3K]
┃ ┣━━04.Can You Make A Happy Face.mp4 [22.7M]
┃ ┣━━04.Can You Make A Happy Face.srt [1.5K]
┃ ┣━━05.Go Away, Spooky Goblin!.mp4 [24.8M]
┃ ┣━━05.Go Away, Spooky Goblin!.srt [1.7K]
┃ ┣━━06.Five Creepy Spiders.mp4 [48.6M]
┃ ┣━━06.Five Creepy Spiders.srt [2.7K]
┃ ┣━━07.Give Me Something Good To Eat.mp4 [6.3M]
┃ ┣━━08.One For You, One For Me.mp4 [37.4M]
┃ ┣━━08.One For You, One For Me.srt [2.1K]
┃ ┣━━09.The Skeleton Dance.mp4 [7.8M]
┃ ┣━━10.Who Took The Candy.mp4 [25.1M]
┃ ┣━━10.Who Took The Candy.srt [2.1K]
┃ ┣━━11.Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat – Part 2 _ Super Simple Songs__QB.mp4 [25.7M]
┃ ┣━━12.Goodbye, My Friends.mp4 [7M]
┃ ┣━━13.Go Away!.mp4 [24.5M]
┃ ┣━━13.Go Away!.srt [1.7K]
┃ ┣━━Halloween Songs for Kids! – Full DVD from Super Simple Songs.mp4 [276.7M]
┃ ┣━━Super Simple Songs – Halloween.jpg [395K]
┃ ┣━━Super Simple Songs-Halloween Pic1.jpg [51.6K]
┃ ┗━━Super Simple Songs-Halloween Pic2.jpg [181.8K]
┣━━Super Simple Songs动画 [335M]
┃ ┣━━1-09.Days of the Week-Read It!.mp4 [2.4M]
┃ ┣━━1-15.Five Little Monkeys Song (1).mp4 [5.9M]
┃ ┣━━1-15.Five Little Monkeys Song (2).mp4 [21.7M]
┃ ┣━━1-15.Five Little Monkeys Song (3)儿童节目.mp4 [76.6M]
┃ ┣━━1-21.Put On Your Shoes儿童节目.mp4 [13.4M]
┃ ┣━━2-03.How’s the Weather-Sing with Matt.flv [7.5M]
┃ ┣━━2-03.How’s the Weather儿童节目木偶剧.mp4 [25.6M]
┃ ┣━━2-09.The Wheels on the Bus(1).mp4 [38.5M]
┃ ┣━━2-09.The Wheels on the Bus(2).mp4 [76.5M]
┃ ┣━━2-09.The Wheels on the Bus(3)Pete the Cat.flv [14.9M]
┃ ┣━━2-09.The Wheels on the Bus(4).mp4 [8.9M]
┃ ┣━━3-14.Skidmarink.mp4 [16.9M]
┃ ┣━━10.Santa, Where Are You.mp4 [5.2M]
┃ ┣━━Santa, Where Are You.mp4 [6.3M]
┃ ┣━━Santa, Where Are You.srt [1.8K]
┃ ┗━━The Skeleton Dance.mp4 [14.8M]
┗━━Super Simple Songs教学视频 [308.1M]
┣━━1-02.Make A Circle-Teaching Tips.mp4 [13.3M]
┣━━1-02.Make A Circle.mp4 [34.7M]
┣━━1-05.Walking Walking Teaching Tips.mp4 [10.4M]
┣━━1-10.I See Something Blue.mp4 [15.6M]
┣━━1-14.The Bath Song.mp4 [6.8M]
┣━━2-04.One Potato, Two Potatoes-teaching tips.mp4 [38.5M]
┣━━2-11.Uh-Huh!-Super Fast.mp4 [4M]
┣━━3-02.Hello Hello!..mp4 [18.1M]
┣━━3-02.Hello!-Teaching Tips.mp4 [7.1M]
┣━━3-07.Rain Rain Go Away.mp4 [4M]
┣━━3-08.Rain Rain Go Away.mp4 [10.8M]
┣━━3-11.Do You Like Boccoli Ice cream.mp4 [10.9M]
┣━━3-12.The Pinocchio.mp4 [15.7M]
┣━━3-13.Five Little Pumpkins.mp4 [64.7M]
┣━━Goodbye, Snowman – Teaching Tips.mp4 [17.2M]
┣━━Hello, My Friends (Let’s Go Trick-or-Treating).mp4 [21.3M]
┗━━Hokey Pokey – Sing It! (Teaching Tips).mp4 [15.1M]


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